Open House

17 November 2018 

EtonHouse is excited to announce our STEAM-themed Open Day on Saturday, 17th of November. 

STEAM is incorporated into the learning that children do daily at EtonHouse. It is a holistic approach that enhances children's inquiry-based learning. Bring your family and friends, everyone is invited!

S= Science Children develop understanding about how the world works by observing, forming questions, making predictions, designing and carrying out experiments.

T= Technology includes simple tools such as pulleys, wheels, levers, scissors, and ramps. This supports children’s cognitive development as children play with these tools, they observe and learn from the underlying cause and effect.

E=Engineering applies science, math, and technology to solving problems.Engineering is using materials, designing, crafting, and building – it helps us understand how and why things work.

A=Arts active and self-guided discovery is core to the arts. Children engage in art, music, drama, sensory exploration.

M= Math is number and operations, measurement, patterns, geometry, spatial sense. “more” and “less,” shape, size, sequencing, volume, and distance. Math is a tool children use every day! 

Join us in a day of exploration afternoon at EtonHouse.